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Glass Painting

Atelier Timotéo Vitraux creates paintings on flat glass to frame, place on a stone or wooden base, hang in front of a window or simply include in a stained glass window.


Original gift ideas:

We create thick glass plates, painted and engraved or not, to be placed on a wooden or Bercher stone base. Patterns on demand can also be painted on thinner glasses which can be tinted in the mass.


Painting is also very useful for stained glass because it allows to add details, reveal other colors in the middle of a piece, opacify certain parts or even create relief. However, the color of the glass is generally tinted in mass and not painted on colorless glass.

Uses of glass paints

The glass paintings we use:


- Grisaille, used for centuries, this painting is today that which is considered to be the most durable. It will stay several centuries if it is well baked. It is opaque in nature and generally dull in appearance. There are many colors.

- Enamel, used since the 16th century, opaque or transparent, enamel is used for its transparency when it adds touches of color or for its opacity when you want to have a satin appearance. There are many colors.

- Cements, used since the 14th century, silver stain acts by an ion transfer and modifies the color of the glass, on the surface, going from yellow to orange. Created in the XXth century, copper red allows, using the same process, to obtain a red on window glass (float), or a range of color from pale pink to pale green or from red to black.

All these paints are baked in a glass kiln between 630 and 850 ° C.

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