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Hello and welcome to the Atelier Timotéo Vitraux website.

By browsing the site, you will be able to discover the work carried out by the company Atelier Timotéo Vitraux, whether it involves creations or restorations of stained glass or other artisanal productions such as stained glass objects or glass engravings.

Guitarist - Creation 2016.jpg

Creation of stained glass windows

Discover the creations of

Timotéo Stained Glass Workshop

in all their forms


Discover the stained glass objects (glass and lead) from Atelier Timotéo Vitraux

Original gift or decoration idea

Before and after, recomposed panel, Ateliers Loire course, 2017

Discover our stained glass restorations

Old or recent

In the rules of art



Glass painting and engraving

Kitchen splashback - Creation 2019

Kitchen splashbacks

Marquise Fusing - 2020.jpg

Fusing / thermoforming

Discover our paintings and glass engravings

Classic or crazy, personalized or copy

According to your desires on numerous media

Discover our stained glass kitchen splashbacks

Unique piece in original creation only for you or according to our basic catalog

Discover our fusing and thermoformed glass

Patterns and colors according to your wishes

Smooth touch finish




Who am I ?



Find out what the company offers to professionals

Here a restored stained glass window for l'Antiquaire du Vitrail (Chartres)

Find out who is behind this workshop

A young stained glass craftsman

Passionate and professional

You're looking for an original gift idea,

you want a unique decoration,

an object interests you, find it here

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