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Fusing - Thermoforming

Atelier Timotéo Vitraux can carry out projects in fusing (fused glass) and/or thermoforming up to 90x50cm (useful dimensions of the kiln).

The fused and/or thermoformed glass can be used as such or included in stained glass, as if it were a classic piece of glass. They can also be integrated into double glazing.

Double glazing:


The creations resulting from these processes can be included inside or as outside glass with double glazing. Except for overly pronounced thermoforming.


The glass is then integrated into the air space which separates the glasses making up the double glazing or replace one of them. It will then be sheltered from time, bad weather and much more securized.

Double glazing is therefore a solution guaranteeing durability, security and thermal and sound insulation.



Fusing is a warm glass transformation process which consists of fusing several layers of glass together. We cut, sprinkle, prepare the pattern with pieces of glass, kinds of spaghetti or powders. Once the project is assembled, it is placed in a glass kiln and fused between 750 and 850 ° C. This allows you to create objects, decorations, framed pieces or pieces of glass that will be integrated into a stained glass window.




Thermoforming is a warm process to deform glass. It may involve deforming glass plates or objects in volume, such as bottles or flasks.

We can thus create objects in volume or flatten others. This therefore makes it possible to create relief in pieces of glass which will subsequently be integrated into a stained glass window.

We start by creating a mold or making an imprint in plaster, ceramic fiber, earth, or sand for example. We then place the glass on top and by the effect of heat, in a glass kiln, between 720 and 880 °C, the glass comes to match the pattern or the shape of the mold.

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